The Wrinkles of the City is a global project aimed to be presented in various cities around the world in which “wrinkles”, human as well as architectural, are on display. Following Cartagena (2008) and Shanghai (2010), JR wants to bring his Wrinkles of the City project to Los Angeles in 2011. This time, the purpose of the project is to contrast the wrinkles and the bodily marks of the past of elderly people living in LA with the image of perfection and regenerated beauty of the XXIst century. Wrinkles of the city est un projet international visant à être présenté dans différentes villes autour du monde ou les rides, humaines et architecturales peuvent être trouvées. Avant Los Angeles en 2011, JR a collé the Wrinkles of the city à Carthagène en Espagne (2008) et à Shanghai en Chine (2010). A Los Angeles, son intention est de proposer des photographies contrastant avec l’image de perfection et de beauté éternelle du 21ème Siècle.
The short film Wrinkles of the City relates the portraits from JR's Istanbul project to the tales of the local elderly, thus reflecting the traces of time on the city's architecture through each character's intimate story. A project by JR A film by Guillaume Cagniard Cinematographer Guillaume Le Grontec Editor Maxime Pozzi-Garcia Original music Avia Line producers Camille Autunes & Serhat Cinisli Producers Emile Abinal & Jean-Pierre Gavini Produced by JR, Social Animals & Les Fils De
RIVAGES is a new film by Guillaume Cagniard returning to JR's project completed this summer 2014 in the secluded port of Le Havre, France. The port is run by only men, dockers that inherit the profession from their fathers. The film pays tribute to these men who worked hard to make the largest pasting in the world, to bring the first woman's eyes to the port, and to send the eyes to travel the seas of the world to Malaysia.
In April 2013, an Inside Out Photobooth truck was installed on Times Square - 6,000 portraits of New Yorkers and visitors were pasted on the floor. Discover the participative movie that has been made.

In 2012, French artist JR and Cuban American artist José Parlá collaborated on The Wrinkles of the City - Havana, Cuba: huge mural installations undertaken for the Havana Biennale, for which JR and Parlá photographed, and recorded 25 senior citizens who had lived through the Cuban revolution; creating portraits, which Parlá interlaced with calligraphic writings and abstract painterly gestures. This is their film collaboration by the same title documenting their experience.

The Face2Face project, created in 2007, consists of taking portraits of Palestinians and Israelis who have the same job and pasting them face to face, in huge formats, in unavoidable places, on both Israeli and Palestinian sides of the wall. En 2007 le projet Face2Face consiste à faire des portraits d’Israéliens et de Palestiniens faisant le même travail pour les coller de chaque coté du mur de séparation, face à face, à des endroits immanquables, dans des formats gigantesques.