Buenos Aires – 1981

Even though Jaz (Franco Fasoli) studied scenography, he became known as one of the pioneers of graffiti writing in Buenos Aires which began in the mid 1990’s.

His style has since evolved and today he is well known and respected throughout the world for his murals. His murals are often large in scale and tend to feature ‘Lucha Libre’ Mexican style wrestling mutant characters locked in combat with animal masks. Jaz’s style is instantly recognisable and appears more on a par with the fine arts than conventional graffiti. This has earned him acceptance and respect not only from graffiti fans but the general public. His canvas work has featured in many exhibitions throughout the world and he is in high demand, not only by street art festival organisers but by galleries, firms and other institutions.
As opposed to using conventional graffiti paint such as aerosol and acrylic, Jaz has been experimenting with other materials such as tar, petrol, asphaltic paint, soil and oil.