fin dac street art

FIn Dac

How would you describe your style?

Urban Aesthetics… taking beauty and placing it in urban settings

Is this style reflected in other aspects of your life?

No, but my art journey has coincided with a huge upheaval in my life so everything to do with my art has impacted my life in one way or another

What drew you to the art scene on the streets? 

Street Art for me was the antithesis of the advertising world I had come from and so it appealed

What is the significance behind your street name?

DAC stands for Dragon Armoury Creative… it was my personal online portfolio name long before I became an artist. The dragon logo I use as my signature came from there

What aspect first drew you to display art on the street rather than in a more professional environment?

Everyones idea of professionalism is different… for me it takes more guts to do your work in public than in the context of your own studio or gallery

How does your audience influence your work?

It doesn’t. And neither should it. I doubt the audience sees my work in the same way I see it so it would be as foolish to consider the praise as it would to consider the criticism. An artists work should be influenced only by his own opinion otherwise you are simply a designer

How has your artistic background and/or education influenced your work? 

I didn’t have an artistic background. My life and how it had gone wrong was what drove me to be an artist but it never influenced the content of my work

Is there a specific message you would like to convey through your work?

I leave it up to the viewer to get whatever they want from my work by deliberately being ambiguous about its content 

What artistic elements distinguish your work from that of other graffiti artists?  

An unusual spray paint style, asian females, a softness and delicacy that maybe isn’t often found in street art and of course the mysterious mask

You recently toured the Americas painting alongside Angelina Christina. How would you describe your working relationship from an artistic viewpoint?

From the moment we first met (about an hour before we started our first wall in DTLA) Ang and I felt like we’d known each other all our lives. Something just clicked between us… the working relationship was very very easy from that first venture to the present cos of our close friendship and understanding of each other

What other urban graffiti artist would you like to collaborate with? 

I don’t think about things in that way. The collaborations with Ang came about by chance/fate but we ran with it cos we shared the same philosophies on life and more. I’ve collaborated with other artists such as Eelus, Ben Slow, Morten Andersen and Snik. They are all artists who I admired but more than that they were people I admired and got along with. I doubt I would ever collaborate with someone I didn’t know… I don’t even see where the fun would be in that