Both Entes and Pésimo are old skool graffiti artists from Lima, Peru. The duo have been painting for many years and started collaborating in 2002. They are both well-known throughout Latin America and globally for their figurative murals, which often portray sad, poor, and unjustly treated indigenous locals. What most characterizes and differentiates them from other graffiti artists is their emphasis on the face and attention to detail in the gestures of their characters, which are highly expressive. They generally use spray paint and focus very much on aesthetic qualities, and because of this well-developed style, their works are instantly recognizable.

Like many graffiti artists they began painting despite many difficulties, especially because of the connotation of vandalism and stigma that comes with graffiti, as well as disapproval from their families. But even the less desirable consequences, paired with their admirable persistence, brought plenty of benefits. Today, Entes and Pésimo are recognized both by Peruvian cultural institutions as well as foreign establishments, who consistently invite them to participate in urban art activities. The duo also do a lot to promote street art: together they created and developed the “Latido Americano” festival which now takes place annually in Lima. Muralists and graffiti artists are invited from all over the world to participate. In the spirit of this festival, artists are very much encouraged to express attributes from their local environment on the walls that they paint.